• Spurious Cows

    Can we fix a spurious correlation by collecting counter examples and fine-tuning on them?  

  • Space and A(ugmented)R(eality)t

    Street art, augmented reality, and the resonance of spatial constraints - what would happen if every mural was interactive, was alive?  

  • Layer Make

    The real novelty, though, is that this uncovers a different way of handling media where people push their video as source material instead of maintaining ownership. Your video is only as useful as the final form and everyone in the creation chain gets rewarded.  

  • Equivariant Rendering from Motion

    Hypothesis: can we use equivariance and invariance to disentangle the characters and the background of a video in an unsupervised way?  

  • Game Theory & Dynamics

    Motivated by the Alpha-Rank and Open-Ended Learning papers from DeepMind, what are research directions left unfinished in the past that are ripe for exploring today?  

  • Iterative Unsupervised Learning

    Hypothesis: can we build unsupervised models with axes of variation that we care about through an iterative approach that incorporates a human in the loop?  

  • Space of Motion

    Hypothesis: How can we learn to differentiate an amateur handstand from an expert handstand with the insight being that all expert handstands look similar but all amateur handstands are dissimilar due to a small number of categorical errors?  

  • Clarity

    From time spent with no people input.  

  • Berlin

    Frederika, planting palm trees, and the moment before you want more.  

  • About a Boy

    He meets a girl. She’s not just any girl but … what are words when there is first love?